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The Journey Begins: Why I Decided To Start A Walking Routine

Over 40 woman sharing walking journey and the reason why I started.

The reason why I started walking two miles a day for 30 days is both layered, and yet also very simple. To put it simply, midlife has hit my body. I think I've stepped into that part of life where gone are the days that I could eat what I wanted and with a little exercise, everything would stay the same. For the past year I've gained about 15 to 20 lbs and it won't come off. Now, I don't know if that's because I've been putting too much crap in my body, or if I'm in perimenopause and things have been changing hormonally. I do not return to the doctor until the summer time,  so I decided to try moving my body a little more and watch my diet a little better to see if it helps.

Over 40 woman walking in the snow and taking a moment to enjoy the sunshine.

I'm no stranger to working out, but I've also noticed my attitude toward it these past several months has shifted, and I’ve become very disinterested. I just simply haven’t wanted to do it. When I first started feeling this way, implementing a walking routine was the easiest way for me to move my body, and be gentle with it. Last summer I started walking two, three and sometimes even four miles a day, and it felt good. It's a joint friendly exercise which is good because I can tell how taxing some of my usual exercises can feel on my body at times. I don't have that problem when I walk, although there was this funny feeling that occurred in my right foot a couple months into my journey but it doesn’t bother me at the moment. Living here in the Midwest, winter can come in pretty strong, and I know I'm not much of a cold weather girl so I walked until it was just too cold for me to tolerate.

Over 40 woman striking a pose on her cold outdoor walk this winter.

Well, here I am in the beginning of March, and the weather became more tolerable last month so I decided to challenge myself and get through 2 miles a day for 30 days. The great part is, it can be done indoors or outdoors. I do prefer to be outside, but some days the weather demands I pop on the TV and get it done. I'm also grateful for the refreshing feeling of walking outside. Some days I have surprised myself by getting out there anyway. I even took a walk while it was snowing a couple of weeks ago.


So, I think you get both the long and short answers for  why I'm on a new exercise adventure in walking. Hopefully, it helps solve some of the physical challenges, just like it helps with the mental. Right now the goal is completing the journey, and when it warms up we're gonna see what new places it takes me to. I already have a goal to do a 10 mile walk on a trail here in the city so stay tuned.  What's your favorite form of exercise?


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