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Get Ready With Me: How to dress For A Cold Weather Walk

47 year old black woman showing the layers used to go on a cold outdoor walk

The Groundhog may have seen his shadow, and the weather might be pretty mild since February, but this is still the Midwest. The truth is, while I'm  hoping this weather stays as nice as it has been, we still have a couple more weeks when things could change. Even still, we still have time before the weather is consistently warm in the mornings which is when I like to get my exercise done, and that includes my walking.


My threshold for walking is about 27°. Trust me, I’ve tested it out. At that point, it's a bit too cold for me, and even that depends on what the wind is like. At that temperature I found that I can still get out and walk at least a mile, but my goal right now is two. Layers are what help me tolerate the cold and make it through my walk comfortably. I thought I would share with you how I layer up and have you get ready with me as I dress for a cold weather walk.


47 year old black woman enjoying the cold weather outdoors in layers while she exercises

Typically, I have on about three layers, and I dress in workout gear. Usually, I wear a long sleeve top, a jacket, and a sweatshirt. If I find that it's still a little too cold for me I'll throw on a sherpa style jacket for added warmth. Since I usually work out prior to my walks, I like for those long sleeve shirts and jacket to be a quick-dry material to pull sweat away from my body even underneath those layers. So far, when I've been able to get outdoors this season, those layers have kept me warm and able to move with ease.


Along with my layers, I have to have a good pair of walking shoes. It allows me to be comfortable and secure while walking all those miles. They are an investment, but once you decide you're committed, you should definitely invest in a good pair. Also, do not forget a nice pair of gloves and something for your head or ears. For me, my earmuffs do the trick just fine, and my inexpensive gloves have worked, although I’m considering trying a fleece lined pair for those cooler days.

A quick dry jacket and top, leggings and walking shoes for cold weather outdoor walks.

A new season is approaching quickly, but it's likely I'll still be in a few of these layers; however, I am excited to remove them one by one. In the end, you might have to test your personal threshold to see how cold you can stand to walk, but these simple tips will help your journey be a little more pleasant along the way. Tell me your must have item for your cold weather walks?


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