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The Department Store I Consider My Hidden Gem

It's wedding season, and I have a wedding to attend in a couple of months. I like to prepare early to give myself some time to shop and find the best deals. Well, I didn't have to go too far, and I didn't have to shop in more than one store this time. Can you believe that? I went to my favorite department store JCPenney, and they didn't let me down.

pretty white floral print maxi dress

JCPenney has been around for a long time, but it seems like anytime I reference them as a place I love to shop people look baffled. When I receive compliments and questions on clothing I wear, I tell them about JCPenney, but when I tell them, they don't seem to believe me. I don’t understand since I have been shopping here for years, and they are typically one of the first places I check when I am doing any kind of shopping.

Pink and silver special occasion dress

They’re not just for clothing either. I shop for kitchen and bath items, travel, and I usually take all my family photos here as well. They are one of my favorites for dressing my family for multiple reasons. I can dress my entire family here because of their variety, their prices are reasonable (particularly for me since I raised a house full of girls), and they do a good job at staying on top of trends.

floral print dress for wedding guest

When it was time for me to start shopping for dresses, they made it easy for me as well. They had a section online clearly marked wedding guest dresses, and selection was great. In fact, there were so many nice pieces to choose from I ordered nine. I found options in different lengths, colors and prints, and so many styles. The options were so good that even after selecting my dress, my daughters will have plenty to choose from as well when they are shopping for their dresses. Even at different ages we were all able to find something we like to fit our personal style, and comfort level.

I like to get multiple uses out of most things (especially clothes) I purchase. As I was trying on dresses, I immediately saw other events I could wear them to. The floral print maxi I absolutely love would be great for vacation or a summer date night. The shorter length yellow dress would be nice for a baby or bridal shower, and several of them such as the green maxi would be nice for church.

As I mentioned before, while I was specifically on the hunt for wedding guest dresses this time, their selection doesn't end there. I was recently shopping for my daughter's summer wardrobe and found lots of great pieces. By now, you know I'm particular about the way my pants fit me since I am a tall girl and a woman of a certain age, but would you believe some of my best fitting pants I have found at JCPenney as well? These are some of the reasons JCPenney will continue to be my hidden gem.

In the meantime, if you're on the hunt for a nice dress for any kind of event this summer, take a look at these dresses I’ve rounded up and see what you think. Which one do you think I should choose for my summer wedding guest event?


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