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Simple Spring Dress Ideas To Add To Your Closet Now

Over 40 black woman showing yellow, black and tan print spring dress for brunch

I was in search of a dress for an upcoming afternoon brunch. It was going to be a tea party theme, and I was excited. I immediately started preparing in my mind that I wanted a dress with a nice print or floral pattern. To be honest, I wanted to go full on Bridgeton, but that might have been too much. Plus, we keep it simple over here, so finding a cute dress for the occasion shouldn't be that difficult or over the top.


Well, if you've already caught on, I have been speaking in the past tense. Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled, but I had already ordered some dresses to try on so I thought I would share them with you in case you have any spring events coming up and could use some ideas. These pieces had some pros and cons, but they are nice options for other events you may have coming up. Think Mother's Day, a bridal shower, and maybe even a wedding. The nice thing is having options, and I like being able to order online and return to my local store if something doesn't work out.

The Nine West sleeveless utility dress was the dress that first caught my eye. I was a fan of the style, the print, and the colors. It's a wrap dress, so when I tried it on it fit nicely, and it has buttons in all the right places to make me feel secure. However, there was one thing I wasn't fond of. The material. Something about the material is off for me because it seems to hold wrinkles. I used an iron before trying it on, and the wrinkles never fully went away. Now, maybe it's me and I'm missing something, but this top choice immediately fell to the bottom of the list because of this issue.


Over 40 black woman sharing pink, black and green floral print dress for spring events.

When I think tea party, I absolutely think florals. This tiered midi dress caught my eye online, and the clearance price was a bonus. Once I tried it on, I was happy with the length, the simple detail around the neckline, and the airy material. If it were a warm day the material was breathable, but if the day were cooler, the sleeves would also work in my favor. This is a really nice dress and can be worn to different things this season, but I'm not sure that it would have been my choice for the tea party although it could work.

Over 40 black woman sharing blue, white, black and tan sleeveless dress for Mother’s Day or summer wedding.

My final dress was probably the last choice on my list, but guess what? It turned out to be my favorite.This cut-out midi dress is similar to the utility dress, just a different color, but everything else was on point for me with this piece. I love the flow and the material is great. I had to iron it right out of the bag, but the wrinkles came out easily, and I had no more issues from there. The simple cut-out detail is cute and adds a nice touch without being too much for me. Wearing a strapless bra or not will be up to you, but it can work either way. This one is a keeper, and I'll likely wear it to an upcoming outdoor wedding in June.


Over 40 black woman sharing blue and white coral print jumpsuit for vacation style.

This final item is a bonus. I wasn't thinking jumpsuit, but this piece grabbed my attention online, and I have to say I really like it. I was nervous about the length, but this hit exactly where I needed it to on my 5-foot 10-inch frame. This jumpsuit felt GOOD!! The material is fabulous, and I can't wait to wear it.  Now,, I likely wouldn't have chosen it for the tea party, but I can tell you where this would shine. On vacation! It would absolutely be nice for brunch or a fun evening out, but this one you would definitely want in your vacation bag.


So, even though my event was cancelled, I found some nice spring dress options, and ultimately walked away with two pieces that are going to get a lot of wear this season.


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