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Simple Ways To Decorate For The Holidays And Save Money

It's the holiday season and something about it just puts me in a good mood. Holiday shopping, holiday drinks and food, and of course holiday decorating are some things we all look forward to. With all that needs to be done it can get kind of crazy and out of control quickly, and if we're not careful one of these areas of craziness can be in our finances. Well I'm here to let you that even your holiday decorating can be done on a budget, and you can still have what you like without breaking the bank.

So many people like to change their home decor from season to season. There are pillows, ornaments, indoor and outdoor decor, and it can be a lot. Buying in season can add up quickly and be expensive, but for some, waiting to shop at the end of the season can be too intense for fear of missing out. I am a big end of season shopper, and there are times I purchase an item or two in season, but I go about it in a specific way that doesn't cost me a ton of money.

If you must shop in season to decorate my first suggestion would be to try different stores, and especially ones you may not typically consider. Walmart is always a good place to look because their prices tend to be lower than most, and you can find some pieces to start with to accomplish an immediate goal while you wait until the end of the season to go all out. Have you ever tried the Dollar Tree? When I started building my collection of

ornaments, I remember finding some decorations there and a few of them I still have. At a dollar a piece you're sure to find some unique ones to add along the way and help you get through the season. Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics are one of my favorite places to shop for home decor and holiday decorations, but my preference is to wait until the end of season for prices that are typically 80% off or more.

Sometimes if you pay close attention items will go on clearance just before the actual holiday. For example, all the fall decor went on clearance 70% off at Hobby Lobby about two weeks before Thanksgiving, and I found a couple of pieces to use for decorating my table. Napkin rings were $2 a piece, and I grabbed a lovely “grateful” sign to display for about six bucks. Throw in some pretty gold leaves I also found and I was good to go. All these items cost me under $20 and not only will I use them this year, but I will set them to the side to be used a different way in the future. Also, consider repurposing items from around your house to use. A leopard print throw was repurposed and used as part of my Thanksgiving tablescape. You can also use a nice plush blanket as a tree skirt. These are ways to have a luxe look for less.

Finally, if you can stand to wait until the end of the season my advice would be to set up a budget. Next, consider using cash and once the money is gone your shopping is done. Make sure you make a list of what you want and need. Once you have your budget and your list, then within that first week following the holiday like Christmas check your favorite places for Christmas decorations. Prices might start around 50% off, but I have gotten to know my stores and I wait for the prices to hit 70 to 90% off. Shop places you wouldn't even consider like the thrift store and the drugstore. Last year I found the exact tree ribbon I wanted in Hobby Lobby across the street at the thrift store. This told me they likely donate there occasionally so I'll definitely check back consistently. I even found several packs of gold ornaments I used on my tree this year and Christmas lights I've had for several years at CVS. Yes CVS. You might be surprised what's lurking out there in different places.

So, is it possible to decorate in season on a budget? Absolutely. Set a budget and check around in different stores. Build your items up a little at a time, and then make sure to prepare yourself for end of season shopping. By doing these things overtime you won't need as much at once and it will definitely cost you less money. I still get a good feeling when I pull out my bins to decorate my Thanksgiving table and my Christmas tree, and so much of the items I've now had for years. What's your favorite place to shop for holiday decorations?


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