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Simple Outfits That Make Getting Ready For A Night Out Easy

Over 40 woman sharing easy all black look to recreate

Recently, I found myself struggling to find something to wear on an impromptu date night. I have plenty in my closet, but things just weren't coming together the way I wanted. After outfit change number three, I finally decided to go with my closet staple, black jeans. If all else fails, I can usually put any kind of top with these pants to build a simple outfit that I feel good about. I ultimately decided on my black mock neck top, and the rest began to flow from there. I quickly figured out my style for the evening was going to be an all-black outfit. Simple, chic, and everything I needed to feel confident heading out the door.


Well, after all that trouble, I realized that this type of outfit can be very easy to pull off for anyone, and I wanted to show you a few black outfits you may already have in your closet, or you can easily recreate. I think these outfits will keep you from ending up with a pile of clothes on your floor that you have to clean up after your date because who wants to worry about that?


an easy to recreate all black look for date night

The first look is what ended up wearing for the evening on my date. A simple solid black pair of jeans, and the mock neck top were a good place to start. If it were warm in the evening, this would have been fine all by itself once I accessorized, but since I knew the evening stood to cool off, my faux leather Moto jacket topped off my outfit nicely. If your weather is warm and you want to do all black just consider a top like a standard tank, a body suit, or a high neck tank. Any of these would be great and once you add your jewelry and shoes, bring on your night on the town.


all black jumpsuit for a simple and chic night out look

A black jumpsuit is another great piece to have in your closet for an easy outfit for an evening out. The one I'm wearing is a couple of years old, but there are always styles like this available, and others to choose from like wide legs and strapless. I kept things simple with this piece and just added my shoes and jewelry. This jumpsuit is so comfortable it literally feels like I'm wearing pajamas, and being able to look good and feel good in what I'm wearing is always a plus.


A little black dress you need for your closet

Last, but certainly not least, you probably already know what the final piece is without me saying it. A little black dress is a must, and it doesn't have to be expensive either. I grabbed this dress on sale for just under $20 at Old Navy of all places. I mean I almost couldn't believe it, but with the sale and my super cash, I couldn't walk away from it because I knew it would come in handy. The husband and I have a little staycation planned soon, and guess what I'm wearing to dinner on that evening?


So, there you have it. Three simple black outfits you can easily pull together to make getting ready for an evening out a little less stressful. While these are some staples in my closet now, many of these items like the jacket and jumpsuit I grabbed on clearance. Keep your eyes open for good deals and staples as you build your closet a little at a time without spending a lot of money. Tell me your go to date night look.


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