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My Go-To Summer Outfits For Fun Outdoors

Over 40 woman styling outfits for being outdoors in the summer.

Alright you guys, now that we've talked about what cool things there are to do in Fort Wayne this summer, I think it's only appropriate we discussed what to wear. With most of the activities being outdoors, that means it's going to be hot. Now, you can either focus on strictly being cute or you can go for comfort. I happen to think we can have both, and I have a few simple suggestions which are my go-to summer outfits for all the outdoor summer fun you're going to have.

Trust me, I recently went to our local Rib Fest, and I wore cargo shorts and a tank. Simple, huh? Well, I quickly regretted that decision because it wasn't long before I was sweating like crazy and a little embarrassed. The main issue I'm addressing today is being outdoors and handling the heat, and the sweat that is going to be the result from that heat. After sweating out my clothes, I decided there has to be a better way, and I've come up with a few budget friendly options to keep you both comfortable and cute all summer long.

Over 40 woman styling bike shorts and tank for trip to theme park

Let's start with the bike short. Now, if I'm honest I ran away from this trendy item because I remember them from my younger days, and it wasn’t very appealing to me at this stage of life. Well, once I figured out how to wear them and be comfortable that made the difference for me. So, when I say comfortable, I mean a shirt that has a good length and covers the bottom area. Once I was able to find something that fit those criteria, the next thing was having a quick dry or moisture wicking feature. Both the tank and bike short I chose had this technology in them. This feature meant it would help to pull the sweat away from my body while being outdoors, and that was key for me.

Over 40 woman styling bike shorts and oversized tee as a second option.

If you're not comfortable with a tank top or you just want a different look, try an oversized tee. Since the graphic tee is oversized that means it's not fitting so snug against my body, and when I start to sweat it still shouldn't be too bad. It won't be like the quick dry feature, which will make things less noticeable, but it is another simple and cute option. Just add your jewelry, some sneakers, and grab your backpack, and you're out the door for a day of fun in the sun.

Over 40 woman styling skort and tee for outdoor fun.

Another option that I was hesitant about was the skort. I saw the skort trending last year, and something about my 46-year-old brain couldn't wrap my mind around an article of clothing that I thought was more appropriate for a toddler. Since they made their way back again this year, I have seen some cute ones that really stand out. When I realized they were available in athletic wear, I thought this would be another good choice for those hot outdoor activities. I grabbed this skort at JCPenney and was impressed with it. The material feels great, and it will be able to handle that summer heat well. My only concern was the length. I've only recently learned to embrace shorts that are 5 inches in length, but this skort is only about 3. Even though it has the shorts underneath, this is still a bit short for my long legs. If the length doesn't bother you, just add your walking shoes, a cute top along with your jewelry, and you are ready to take your stylish outfit outside.

Over 40 woman styling running shorts and tank for outdoor fun

Lastly, I should not forget to mention an item that I think is obvious. Running shorts. The great thing about these is they serve a dual purpose. So, you can use them for working out, and because they come in so many pretty colors and styles, you can pair them very easily with a cute top or tank and be ready for your zoo trip, theme park, or whatever other activity you have planned. These shorts from JCPenney feel so good that you almost don't feel that you have anything on. I seriously mean that. The price was much better than some of the other shorts and brands I see being recommended (I grabbed mine for under $20) and the color choices available was quite impressive.

Overall, I think these activewear styles are the way to go when planning your outdoor summer fun and activities. There are multiple options available which make styling these summer outfits easy, and they are good for any shape, size, and even age. Find what works for you, and makes you feel comfortable, which is what I did. Now, I have some different things to choose from, and I think they strike the perfect balance of cute and comfortable. Which of these styles could you see yourself wearing on your next outdoor excursion?


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