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My Favorite Shackets You Need In Your Closet This Season


So, we have talked about my favorite layers for the season, and one of those favorites is the shacket. For a woman who wouldn't even give them a chance in the beginning,(it was the name, I hated the name) I now have a few of them that are closet staples. They come in different lengths, colors, weight and price points, so you have great options to choose from if you want to change things up while you play around with your own personal shacket style.


over forty woman styling plaid shacket with matching jogger set

The shacket that you see everywhere for the fall season is the plaid shacket. It's cute, it's stylish and you can wear it so many ways. Try jeans, joggers (my favorite) or even a dress. I really like wearing my plaid shacket with a matching set like this white one. It is so comfortable, and this look is perfect for me every day, and I specially love it for traveling. Trust me, you can't go wrong.


Over forty woman styling denim shacket and black jeans

A denim shacket is another classic that you'll practically use all year long. Not so much in the summer, but if you're traveling during that time through cold airports, it's an easy solution. It's not as bulky as a denim jacket, but it adds a nice touch to an outfit just as a jacket would. It's an easy go to layering piece during the cooler months, and I think you're gonna reach for it over and over again.


Over forty woman adding color with pink shacket and all black base

How about adding a little pop of color with your shacket? When I saw this pink one, I had to grab it. I love the color as a nice way to change things up. Most of the shackets I've seen, and have purchased are neutral colors, so this is a way to mix things up. This particular shacket has a nice weight to it, so it's been great for the fall season. It was warm enough that when I put it on to complete my outfit, another layer wasn't necessary.


Over forty woman styling long length shacket with joggers

Last but not least, a long length shacket is another fun piece to have. I get a lot of compliments on this one when I'm out. Most times people say it's because they don't see them too often. I actually grabbed this one at my local department store last year so look around in differnet places. I love it with leggings and an oversized shirt, but again you have options.


In the end, there are so many styles to choose from and play around with that you’ll have no problem finding your favorite shacket that fits your personal style. This is a great time to find one at a good price, and with winter clearance season fast approaching, I’m sure there are even better deals to be found.




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