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How to Stay on Trend and on a Budget

Trends are ever changing. Just like the seasons they come and go, and if we're not careful, they'll leave our heads spinning, our confidence questioned, and our budgets busted. Now I pay attention to certain trends, but I try not to get caught up just because it's popular. There are some things that immediately catch my eye, while others I just keep walking by. Sometimes it actually takes me a season or two to even try certain trends because I just don't like them at first or I want to find a deal that makes it worth me trying.

All three looks in one. Cable knit sweater vest and plaid button down from JCPenney with 90s wide leg jeans from Express.

While reading a great article about fall fashion trends, this season I decided to choose three trends I would be willing to try. Sweater vests, the whole 90s era look and the classic button down/plaid shirt. One trend that was completely new to me was the sweater vest. I can't remember owning one of these before and when I first heard they were trending I rolled my eyes. However, I decided to check it out because I figured if I could find one or two at a price I was happy with, this would give me the ability to see what I thought about it and determine if it was an item I would be adding to my closet. I actually found a couple at Walmart and JC Penney. They ranged in price from sixteen to twenty dollars and I was absolutely ok with that. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome once I styled them and so for me they were a keeper.

The 90s are one of my favorite decades and when I saw this style was trending I had a little nostalgia. Think Aaliyah, TLC and baggy clothes, and I mean everything oversized. I have the pics to prove just how much Shawana and I were into this trend back then, but for this current season in my life I chose to pick a single item and try it instead of going baggy from head to toe. I decided on the 90s Wide Leg jeans from Express and I was happy with them. They gave me the 90s vibe with some modern chic mixed in which left me comfortable rocking these in my forties. I was able to snag these while they were running a sale on all of their jeans.

Walmart sweater vest with white button down shirt.

Finally, who doesn't have plaid or a button down in their closet? If you don't then grab one. How easy would it be for me to work with a trend that was still going strong since it was already in my closet? Most trends come around again and again and sometimes it's just about finding new or different ways to rock them. I had actually gotten rid of my last plaid shirt because I had it a few seasons, but it wasn't hard to find a new one at a reasonable price. I also chose to go with a different color than usual for me and this is how I change up my style while trying different trends.

By selecting three trends out of the various ones currently being talked about, I am able to see what I personally like or dislike. Ultimately, I think that is the point here. Wear what you like! Who says a certain style or your age should disqualify you from wearing what feels good to you? For a while I wouldn't wear distressed jeans because I thought they were for girls twenty years and younger. It took for me to see women in their thirties and forties rocking them before I decided I could too. But the truth is I could have worn them before I saw someone else if it was what I wanted to do.

Your budget is an important thing to consider when it comes to keeping up with trends. By choosing three trends I was interested in, I was able to set a reasonable price I would be willing to pay when shopping for these specific items. I found the sweater vest for as low as sixteen dollars, the jeans were a bit pricier at forty nine, but I used a gift card to bring the price down. And as far as plaid or a button down goes, they are super simple to find and the price is very reasonable in many places.

Another thing I do is look for similar styles to the popular ones, but at a fraction of the cost. They call this a dupe and they are my best friend. I always look for these first to save money. I had been wanting faux leather leggings when they first came out, but the popular style everyone was raving about were $100. Nope not happening over here. I refused to pay that price, and after looking around a bit I was able to find an awesome pair for $25. Who's winning now! Also, paying less doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality. I have certain brands I always look to for my dupes because I know they are good quality and will last me more than one season. Since I have a family of five with all daughters, good quality items are important to me.

Applying techniques like selecting a few trends to try, setting a reasonable budget, and shopping around for good dupes can make a difference in how you approach your shopping. It will leave you confident in your own personal style, keep you from breaking the bank and you'll have a few trendy pieces as a new season begins. Do you have any trends you're excited to try this season?


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