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Easy Ways to Change your Summer Style to Fall for Cheap!

The changing of the season is inevitable. For some people that brings excitement, and for others a sense of dread. This can be because of the soon to be weather changes or for us ladies our wardrobe. Making the transition from a summer wardrobe to a fall one doesn't have to be overwhelming. As a mother of three daughters, making the seasonal transition with their clothing and mine could be a chore, but I applied a few simple tricks to make things a little easier for me.

Keep it simple sis and shop your closet. Adding items like a jackets, cardigans and booties are the easiest way to transition a look for fall. They provide great layering ability and give you the option to remove clothing if you deal with fickle weather like I do in the Midwest. Recently, I purchased this camo jumpsuit from Walmart for just under $13 and by adding a leather Moto jacket and combat boots (both already in my closet), I am now ready for the crisp fall air with no additional money spent.

I can't tell you enough to always check the clearance section! It's my favorite way to shop. You will be surprised by what soon to be in season items (likely from the previous season) you can currently find on clearance. I grabbed a pair of neutral booties in August at DSW on clearance for $44.98 plus an additional twenty percent off. I also used a five dollar reward which brought my total to only $30 dollars. They were originally $60 and that is a great price for me for a good quality shoe. The truth is that it is also very likely the shoe will soon return for the fall season but at the original price. This is something I see happen season after season, so this is definitely a win in my savings book.

Applying simple techniques like these will save you money and help keep you from being so overwhelmed. And once you start saving money, then you can start to shop in the fall for summer clearance which gets you ahead of the game for a few months later. I guarantee it will leave you feeling good. What are some ways you transition your summer wardrobe to fall? I would love to hear a tip or two so drop it in the comments.


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