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Great Celebrity Memoir Audiobooks To Keep You Company On Your Walking Workout

$7 year old black woman putting on earbuds to listen to audiobook while walking

I used to love reading a good book. Nothing beats curling up in a blanket with a book I'm holding in my hands. So, when audiobooks became a thing, I wasn't really interested. I tried listening to a couple, but something about that is different, and a little difficult for me. If the book is informational, and a story I really have to learn something from, I feel like I have to hold it to read it and retain the information.


When I workout I'm used to watching the Young and the Restless. Yes, they still exist, and yes, I love them. Well, when I started walking, I couldn't watch my stories, so I needed something else engaging during those long walks. I decided to give audiobooks another try, but I knew it had to be something very captivating to hold my attention in that form. Enter in celebrity memoirs. Give me a famous person, a little drama, and a good storyline, and it's almost like my soap operas but in audiobook form.


I've been walking a lot more since August 2023, and now I have several audiobooks under my belt. Nowadays, I am typically in search of my next audiobook every time I begin a new one. When a person is open and vulnerable enough to tell the story of their life leading up to the person they have become, it's very intriguing. It makes a person seem more relatable even though they live a life we can only imagine.


If you are anything like me and not the biggest fan of audiobooks, I encourage you to give a good old celebrity memoir audiobook a try and see what you think. Did you know you can get them for free at your local library? Also, if you have a premium Spotify account you have a certain number of hours available to you each month as well. However, you know I'm always going to recommend trying out the free version first. Here's my short list I've read so far (without giving the story away) and if you choose to read any of them, I welcome your thoughts.


Open Book memoir by Jessica Simpson for walking workout

1.  Open Book by Jessica Simpson- VERY interesting to me. Hearing about her childhood, and the steps she took to become the star she is today was so good. If you followed along during her reality TV days, you're going to be fascinated by the behind-the-scenes drama we didn't know was actually happening.


Worthy audiobook by Jada Pinkett Smith for walking routine

2.  Worthy by Jada Pinkett Smith- I'm currently listening to this one and it surprised me. I had some pretty strong preconceived ideas about her, but hearing her story gave me a different perspective. Right now, this book is currently in my top 4.


Will by Will Smith audiobook for walking exercise

3.  Will by Will Smith- Of course I had to read his book considering the drama that happened recently in the media. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I realized The Fresh Prince is kind of a trip in some ways. Things are definitely not all they're cracked up to be in real life no matter how likable the character is you play on the TV screen.

Inside Out memoir audiobook by Demi Moore for walking workout.

4.  Inside Out by Demi Moore- GREAT BOOK from beginning to end in my opinion! Her story was so intriguing that this one currently holds the top spot for me.

After The Dance audiobook by Jan Gaye for walking workout

5.  After the Dance: My Life with Marvin Gaye by Jan Gaye- Another captivating story. This one was heavy for me. After I finished reading it I needed a moment because I felt this one a lot emotionally, but it’s a story worth checking out if you’re a Marvin Gaye fan.

Spare audiobook by Prince Harry for walking routine

6.  Spare by Prince Harry- Good story but I expected more. I feel like the media blew things up, and there was nothing salacious or offensive about this book. I felt sorry for him, and I realized I wouldn't want to be a Princess contrary to what we're taught as kids growing up. However, I admire him for choosing himself.

Walk Through Fire by Sheila Johnson audiobook for daily walking routine

7.  Walk Through Fire by Sheila Johnson - This was also good from beginning to end for me. So much intensity this woman had to endure from childhood and through her marriage (primarily her marriage) to reach the success she achieved. Highly recommend.


I think my next one will be a recommendation I received about Viola Davis’ book, but I'm open. So, if you have any you would recommend please send them my way.






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