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Delicious and Nutritious Bowl Recipes to Try Today

Over 40 black woman eating simple dessert bowl with apples.

Quick and simple is the name of the game over here, and I like to be a little healthyish when I can too. Most mornings are pretty routine for me. I'll have a simple bite to eat that's not too heavy, and allows me to get through my workout. Even if I'm not doing any strength training, I make sure to have a little something within an hour of getting up or prior to going on a walk.


 I've leaned into Greek yogurt a lot more because I am trying really hard to make sure I'm getting enough protein in my diet. This simple Greek yogurt bowl helps me get a good start on my protein intake for the day. Adding the cooked & seasoned apples give me a little warmth, and then the finishing touch is a little granola, or my maple glazed pecans. My recommendation is to use a sweet apple, like gala or fuji, to balance the tartness of the yogurt. I like my apples to be firm, so you don't have to sauté them too long. Maybe about 30 seconds.

Picture of simple high protein greek yogurt bowl

Greek Yogurt Bowl


1 sweet apple (I like Gala & Fuji)

Plain Greek Yogurt






1.  Cut up apple (I use half) and season with some cinnamon.

2.  Prep your yogurt in a bowl. (I use about ¾ cup.)

3.  Add apples to warm pan and add about a ½ tablespoon of vanilla.

4.  Sauté seasoned apples in vanilla for about 30 seconds, or until you reach your desired firmness.

5.  Pour apples onto yogurt and top with your favorite granola.

6.  Enjoy!


Of course, you can use whatever fruit you prefer, but another great option is creating this bowl using my blueberry compote. Think of it like the Greek yogurt cups with fruit on the bottom. Absolutely delicious but make sure to use a crunchy topping on this one to add some texture.

This next bowl is perfect for when you want something sweet, but you want to keep it light, on the healthier side, and simple. Grab yourself an apple, (I use half) and cut it up. Take a little almond butter (I like Justin's maple flavored) and a little chia seed for crunch (trust me.)  Warm everything up, and add a little a little Halo Top ice cream, and that sweet tooth will be put to rest without overdoing it.

Picture of simple dessert bowl using apples and almond butter .


Simple Dessert Bowl



1 Apple

1 to 2 Tblspn Almond Butter

Chia Seed (optional)

Ice Cream





1.  Cut up apples (I use half), and sauté in warm pan with cinnamon and vanilla.

2.  Place warm apples in bowl.

3.  Add Almond butter to pan on low heat just to soften.

4.  Once softened, pour over apples.

5.  Add a little chia seed and mix all around.

6.  Top with a little ice cream and enjoy.

These delicious and nutritious bowl recipes are great to keep on deck for snacks and treats that are easy to enjoy any time of the day.. We’re using whole foods, and items that have very basic ingredients, so your body will appreciate you. Give them a try and let me know what you think. What's your go to healthy snack?


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