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Challenge Yourself

We all face challenges in life. Some of the challenges we create whether difficult or fun. We're sure you see the many challenges out here people are participating in like dance challenges or money saving challenges, but regardless the type of challenge you choose to participate in, a common thread is it can be uncomfortable and it will push you. On last week you may have noticed we participated in the Content Confident weeklong consistency challenge. It was designed to push content creators to not only be consistent, but also intentional with how we create, and how we engage our audience. Hoosier Homegirls is new here (only in our third week at the time) but we decided to do it to intentionally push ourselves while learning from those who have been creating content for a while. The challenge really made us think in a short span of time and gather some tools to use as we journey on. We want to be successful and we recognize with success comes hard work. Was it scary? Yes. Was it uncomfortable? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely yes! While the future as content creators has yet to unfold for us, we look forward to what is ahead and encourage you to challenge yourself in some way as well and see how you feel in the end. We promise it will be worth it.


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