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Wait, What? Did you Just Call Me A Copycat?

Dining out is such an enjoyable experience. The pandemic limited that for most of us the past year so cooking at home became a must. Years ago when eating out I realized there were some dishes I would have every single time I ate at a restaurant.

Then one day something sparked in me and I began to ask myself "how can I recreate this at home?" I could have it whenever I wanted, save some money, and control the amount of ingredients in certain items. My search for copycat recipes was born. Over time I have found and or recreated recipes from P.F. Chang's, Olive Garden, and Panda Express.

A few weeks ago I shared a recipe for my take on the Panera chipotle chicken avocado melt, and a few people inquired about the recipe so here it is. It comes together quickly, you can tweak it as you like with the cheese and bread, and you'll feel like a gourmet cook. I know I did.

1 loaf hearty bread (I use Rustik)

Shredded rotisserie chicken

Mashed avocado (sometimes I use guacamole)

Smoked gouda

Chipotle mayo


Butter skillet. Take two slices of bread and spread avocado on one slice. Spread chicken over avocado. Add chipotle mayo, then cheese, and other slice of bread. Place sandwich in

buttered pan and press. If you don't have a panini press (which I don't) then use a plate and a cup to add weight. Cook until golden and flip then press again. Once cheese is melted, remove from pan and enjoy. Let us know your favorite copycat recipe you make at home.


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