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Budget-Friendly Tips For Setting Your Thanksgiving Table In Style

Decorating a holiday table on a budget

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Maybe it's because it was my mother's favorite, and she would go all out, but the Thanksgiving holiday conjures up tears of beautiful memories, while also warming my heart each year. It's about my family, it's about the food, and it's about having a grateful heart, but there's another thing I look forward to each year. The Thanksgiving table. I have vivid memories of my grandmother having me help set the table for Thanksgiving, and maybe that's when it all began.

Setting the holiday table with budget friendly decor

Laying out the tablecloth, place mats, and dinnerware was so fun when I was a little girl. Seeing her beautiful china cabinet I often thought to myself I would have one of my own when I grew up. I was secretly hoping to get some china as a wedding gift 20 years ago, but last year I received an even better gift. My grandmother's china. So, this year decorating the Thanksgiving table will be a little bittersweet. My heart aches because I miss my grandmother dearly, but at the same time, my heart is full because I'm honored to have something so special and full of memories.


Thanksgiving tablescape designed using clearance items

I've been decorating my Thanksgiving table for some time now, but as elegant as I strive to make it, I do not spend a lot of money doing so. Most all of my pieces I use are clearance finds or from garage sales. I have items that have been around for a good ten years. I have a set of about fifteen glasses that are different shapes and heights, that I grabbed at a garage sale for $3. They were used for that person's wedding, but I have used them for Thanksgiving time after time. That's definitely a place I'm going to recommend you start when trying to gather good pieces to use in your own way. Garage sales are a great place to find decorative pieces for your home at unbeatable prices. Also, immediately when the season ends go to some of your favorite stores, or check out my list, and grab things that fit your budget and style when the clearance season begins.


Simple Thanksgiving place setting using budget friendly finds

I'm not the most creative person, so most times I play around with the pieces I have then add things as I go along. Start with basic pieces like solid color place mats and dishes and simple glasses, then add a little decorative flare as you build your centerpieces if you like. I was totally into animal print and used my faux fur throw as a runner one year. I added some height with boxes underneath, then used my garage sale glasses to float some dollar tree candles and a bag of $5 gold leaves I found just a couple of weeks before the holiday. My glitter pumpkins were a department store clearance find about five years ago, and the 'grateful' signs were an end of season sale item that cost around $5 as well. Because I already had most of the pieces, my table that year might have cost around $20 to put together.


Simple and elegant thanksgiving table setting on a budget

 I've been building my decor for years now, and I only add a new piece here and there, but that's the great thing about building your stash. You can mix and match, and make a different table each year with items you already have. I have done this with my Christmas decor as well, so I rarely have to spend anything to decorate now. The holidays are upon us, so make your plan now. You can even start taking a look at items you have an interest in now because some stores start to clearance out holiday decor weeks before the actual holiday. Have fun with it, and make sure you properly store your decorations so you can have them for years to come. What are you looking forward to most this Thanksgiving?


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