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Layer Up: Must-Have Clothing Pieces for Fall and Winter

Styling a cardigan as a favorite layering piece for fall

The time has come for me to accept the reality of the season changing. After several 80 degree days, the temperatures have taken a big drop, and you know what that means. It's time to layer up with jackets, shackets, and cardigans, so here I come. Although the weather is still a bit mild some days, I definitely need an extra layer when I go out, and here are a few of my favorite and affordable pieces for fall and winter I know I will be using a lot this season.

People are still loving their shackets, and even though it took me a year to get on board with this style, I have several now and I think it's a piece you should consider grabbing. They come in different colors, prints, and material. Some are heavy enough to keep you warm on a cooler day, while some are just a nice added layer that's trendy although you may need an actual coat over it.


Styling shacket as a favorite fall layering piece


I grabbed my most recent shacket this summer while it was on sale for around twenty-five bucks. This was an Amazon purchase I wanted to try because of the reviews. Amazon and I have a funny relationship when it comes to clothing. It's usually hit or miss for me, and with more misses than hits, I usually don't go to them for clothing. I decided to take a chance on this piece, and I was pleasantly surprised. It gives more flannel vibes than some of the heavier shackets I have, but I like the style, fit and material, so I decided to keep it. They have multiple colors available, and for the price I paid, it was an item I was happy with keeping because I know I'll get plenty of wear out of it. Whether it's worn with joggers, jeans or leggings, this piece will consistently be in the rotation this season.


Styling coatigan as layering piece for fall

The coatigan was another Amazon purchase, and another new item for me. Again, I saw this piece and decided because of the reviews I would give it a go. Surprisingly, another win for me. I love the weight of this coatigan. Honestly, I wish it had some buttons because this is heavy enough to be worn out on a nice crisp day and feel warm and comfortable. The length is great, and I can see wearing this with something casual like my jeans or a little more elevated like some nice work wear, and maybe even a skirt. There are multiple colors to choose from so finding something that works with your wardrobe will be easy. Another favorite of mine that's similar to the coatigan is the long duster/cardigan. I just think it's a piece that easily adds a little chic to your outfit. It's going to be great for casual wear or a little dressy look if you choose.


Styling moto jacket as a favorite layering piece for fall

Finally, my faux leather jacket is a closet staple for me. I love that this piece can be worn dressy or casually. I love the edginess it gives a look, and I like how easy they are to find. This particular jacket I’ve had for two years now, and it is holding up well. A good quality jacket can be a little pricey but keep your eyes on the clearance and end of season sales. That’s where I got mine, and that’s how I always grab those pricier pieces without overdoing it. I think this will be an item you'll have in your closet season after season, and you'll reach for it time after time.


These four simple pieces are great for the fall and will serve you well in other seasons too. These are going to be on repeat for me the next few weeks, and at such affordable prices you may want to consider one or all of them for your closet. What item do you reach for the most when the temps start to drop?



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