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Winter Boot Roundup

Yes it is the beginning of March and spring is quickly approaching, but if you are a big end of season shopper like we are you will continue to keep your eyes open as the winter clearance prices go lower and lower. So before we exited this season, we wanted to share some of favorite boot picks from the winter because while we found great deals on these items, the truth is a couple were purchased just a few weeks ago and have been worn already but will be nicely tucked away and make a reappearance in a few months.

As far as these boots go, one of our favorite places to shop is DSW. Not only do they have great prices in general, but there are other ways to increase your level of savings and much of the time this is what we do to achieve such a fabulous deal. Hiking boots were popular this winter, and when I saw this trend I wanted in. I found the neutral hiking boot and the black one both at DSW. The neutral was originally $34.99, but if you shop DSW you will know they offer coupons for dollar off or percentages off your order. In this case, I used a ten dollar off coupon plus ten dollars in rewards money I had accumulated to bring my total to $15. Win! Not only was it the shoe I was looking for, it was also cute and comfortable. Needless to say, applying this technique to all but one of these boots, I walked away paying less than thirty dollars on each except the black hikers by Bear Paw which cost me fifty, but considering the original amount was just over one hundred dollars I think that was still a great deal. Finally, I found the neutral combat boot just a few weeks ago on clearance for fifteen dollars. My daughter wanted a pair similar to mine and just by keeping my eyes open I was able to find an excellent deal, and like I said she has gotten a few wears out of them already and will feel so good bringing them out again in October.

So while you are grabbing your perfect spring or summer shirt during this time, remember to never stop watching for how you can save money for now or later and still stay in your budget.


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