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Three Comfy Winter Loungewear & Travel Outfits From Aerie

Over 40 black woman sharing loungewear finds from Aerie. Real me high waisted Leggings and aerie Chill crew sweatshirt

It's still winter over here although we've had a pretty mild one thus far. With that said, the cold and frosty weather still calls for something comfy and cozy for me, and that usually shows up in my wardrobe. I don't like to be out much in the winter, so when I'm around the house my wardrobe is simple most days. Joggers and leggings are typically what I reach for.  Now, don't get me wrong, I still like it to be a nice outfit because who knows when I'm going to have to run to the store, the school, or to lunch with my hubby.


Over 40 black woman sharing loungewear finds from Aerie. Real me high waisted  flare leggings and aerie chill crew sweatshirt

You all know I typically keep American Eagle rewards because of how I strategically shop using their card, so I grabbed a few new pieces to try this season.. This shopping trip was pretty straightforward, and I picked up a couple of sweatshirts and some leggings. I'll start with my favorite item, and the reason is because I purchased this sweatshirt more than once this season. The Aerie "Chill" Sweatshirt was definitely on repeat these past few months. It's comfortable, the length is perfect, and they had so many cute colors to choose from. My preference was to wear this shirt with leggings, but it kept me comfy in the house, and also allowed me to feel put together If I had to run out. I'm hoping this line sticks around for spring too since long sleeves will likely still be needed, and a few cute spring colors would be a great addition to the line.

Over 40 black woman sharing casual and comfy winter outfit ideas

I also tried the Aerie House Party Sweatshirt and I'm a fan. I was hesitant at first because it looked a bit cropped, but I took a chance and it worked. It is cropped, but it has a loose fit so once I threw on my high waisted joggers with it, I was good to go. The slightly oversized fit allows me to wear it off the shoulder a bit too. I prefer the tighter fitting jogger with it to my looser fitting sweatpants, but I've spotted a matching skater pant that is currently in my cart to go with this cute top too.

I picked up some leggings as well but in two different styles. One was a traditional legging and the other a flare leg. Now, I have to say I was expecting something different. They feel good, and they fit great, but the material was a bit of a challenge for me. I was expecting more of a thicker cotton, but these gave me more spandex vibes. The material is very breathable which I like, but the fabric is going to take some getting used to for me.


In the end, I'm happy with most of what I picked out. These comfy winter loungewear pieces will be great for chilling around the house or running errands. They also make great travel outfits for a comfy ride this season. The jury is still out on the leggings for me, but one of my daughters will certainly take them off my hands if I decide they're not my style. What's your go to spot for loungewear?


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