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Spring Trends Made Easy

Spring is in the air, and with that comes a refreshing feeling. Flowers start to bloom, the days get longer, and the colors get brighter. Many of us also want to refresh our closets a bit. We get ready to push the winter clothes to the back of the closet, and bring all the pastels and light airy dresses to the front. Of course, we want to add some new pieces too, but if you're like me, you don't want to blow your budget doing so.

I like to see the different trends that come in each season. Some of them are easy to get on board with immediately, while others take a season or two of convincing for me. Was anyone else hesitant about the shacket as much as I was? My goal is to always do my research, and once I find what I like or what interests me, I spend a bit of time shopping for deals that fit into my budget. Trends are nice, and they're cool to try, but some don't last that long so why spend a lot of money on something short term.

The first place I always start is my closet. Some trends circle around again and again, and I check my closet to see if it's an item I already have, and how I can remix it. Let's take the little black dress for example. The rule says every woman should have one of these in her closet. I keep one and I'm always on the hunt for one on the clearance rack. I have a dress that would be great for special occasions at any time of the year, but I also have one that is specifically for the spring and summer season. I grabbed it on clearance for $11 at the end of last summer. This tank style is flattering and will be great with sandals or sneakers. The stripes add a little detail to it which is fun. Spring in the Midwest is cooler until May, but a denim jacket (also in my closet) will do the trick. This dress is more casual, so it's something I would wear on a daytime date with my hubby or a meet-up with my girlfriends. No money spent, and I'm excited to wear this one.

Certain colors also trend during the season. I hear green is one of those colors for this spring. This is a color I don't normally grab because I didn't necessarily think it was the cutest color, but I've come to realize it has to be the right shade of green for me. I found the cutest plaid beach flannel from American Eagle that hit the right notes, and fit my style. It's lightweight and oversized. It will be perfect for layering that is needed in the Midwest, but if you're heading to warmer weather for spring break, this will serve you well as a swimsuit cover up also.

I know we discussed how wide leg pants are trending now, but we must revisit. If you recall, I recently found a pair of wide leg jeans on clearance for $20. Considering these jeans are costing upwards of $60 at places I typically purchase my jeans, this was a steal, and this is how I add trendy pieces that fit my budget. They have several options available at such a good price, and because I really love these jeans and how they fit, I can also grab another pair. Great quality, and a great price sounds like a winner to me.

Shopping trends doesn’t have to be expensive. Find what you like, then shop your closet to see what you already have and can remix. Next, shop sales and clearance to determine what fits your budget, and if it really fits your style. Most of all, keep it simple but have fun with it. What trends are you ready to try this season?


Kai Abdullah
Kai Abdullah
Mar 11, 2023

I LOVE that brown satin top you styled with your wide leg jeans!! Where did you get it?

Ieasha Abdullah
Ieasha Abdullah
Mar 16, 2023
Replying to

Thanks! I grabbed it at Express. They have other styles like this one available too ❤️

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