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Simple Mother's Day Outfit Ideas

Ieasha and her daughters for Mother's Day

When I was growing up getting ready for Mother's Day was a big deal. I remember trying to surprise my mother with breakfast in bed, and not having any money, but asking my father to take my siblings and I to find a gift. I miss my mother. There, I think I just had to say that before moving on. Mother's Day is still a big deal. Watching families celebrate their mom is something that brings me both joy and a little bit of sadness, but it is truly a special day. One thing about us mothers, we want to look our best on that day. Whether you're going to church with the family, or heading to brunch with the girls, I've rounded up a few simple pieces to have you looking great. I grabbed these items at my local department store, which makes choosing your favorite item and returning anything you can't use easy.

Over 40 woman in knee length dress for Mother's day outfit idea

This pretty dress I grabbed at Kohl's was also a find for Easter, but it's so good that you can use it for Mother's Day as well. The pretty print is what caught my eye, and the length was perfect for me as a tall woman. It has long sleeves, but it is lightweight enough to wear if the weather is warm. Here in the Midwest, we never know what we're going to get for our spring weather, and this piece makes any adjustments you have to make based on the temperature easier. This dress also comes in solid colors and other prints to fit your personal style.

Over 40 woman showing utility jumpsuit for Mother's Day outfit idea

Headed to brunch? How about a nice jumpsuit? This is a great piece for Mother's Day because you can dress it up or down primarily by switching the shoes from a nice heel to a simple flat sandal. This green jumpsuit was a purchase for my birthday near the end of last summer, and they brought it back this season in a pretty cream color. I would recommend staying in your regular size, and having some fun by going with the heels.

Over 40 woman in denim dress for Mother's Day

Maybe you're keeping it low key, and attending a nice BBQ because the restaurants have become too crowded on Mother's Day. The men in my family would sometimes BBQ instead of having the women deal with the chaos of a restaurant. This denim dress I found at Old Navy would be a great fit for a nice relaxing Mother's Day with the family. The simple cut out detail, and slightly puffed sleeve adds a nice touch to an old classic. I grabbed it during a half price sale, and it only cost me $25.

There are many good options to keep you looking good while you celebrate Mother's Day. From casual to dressy, you can choose whatever fits your style and budget. Most of all, I hope you take the time to enjoy your day, and celebrate yourself for all that you do. How will you be spending your Mother's Day?


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