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Outfit Inspiration For A Broadway Show/Musical

I enjoy a musical or stage play. It's not something I grew up attending, but the moment I experienced my first one as an adult, I was a fan. While I haven't had the opportunity to see one on Broadway, that is the ultimate goal. Fortunately, I live in a city that brings Broadway shows to town, and I get excited each season to see what the new batch of shows will be. In November my daughters got to see their first musical, Wicked. It was an amazing experience, and I think another favorite part was getting ready for the show.

It doesn't have to be difficult choosing what to wear, but I would suggest putting a little effort into it to bring the whole experience together. You can decide how dressy you want to get, but “casually cute” is what I tend to stick with. So, what is casually cute? For me, that means taking a basic piece of clothing like a pair of jeans, and elevating it with a nice blouse or blazer, and a nice shoe like a heel. This way you're not too formal or too underdressed. It's somewhere in the middle.

In a week we're going to see Riverdance, and I have been thinking about some looks that will fit into the occasion and weather. My first option I chose was a neutral palette. I grabbed my coated pants I picked up a few months ago, and paired them with a pretty lace top from Express that's been in my closet for a while now. The lace top dresses these pants up so nicely. Even though I've had this top for a moment, they are still available in other colors so you can easily recreate this look with a nice pair of jeans or even a cute skirt. If you have a non-distressed pair of black pants/jeans, you can't go wrong with adding any spring blouse for an effortless look. Finally, my nude heels pull everything together. If I find that it's too cold for a sandal, I also have a closed toe heel that will do the trick.

How about a nice pair of jeans for such an event? Absolutely! I'm going to work with wide leg jeans in this example because they make going from a casual to elevated look so easy. You have already heard me talk about these jeans a few times because they are having a moment, and they are definitely having a moment with me too. I simply paired these jeans with a square neck tank top from the body contour line from Express and heels. I like these tanks because the material gives the look and feel of a bodysuit (which you could absolutely do as well) without the snaps. The heels give it that slightly dressy look, and once you add some accessories you're off. Now, if it's too cold outside where you live, the addition of a blazer solves the problem quickly. So simple yet so chic.

There really are many options to choose from. You can try a skirt or a nice dress if you like, but whatever you do just keep it simple, and go with what makes you feel good and comfortable. Are you a fan of plays and musicals?


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