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Our Sister "Slaycation"

February 2019. What's so special about that time? It was the last time I took a trip anywhere. I typically travel at least once a year, but even though I had plans in the making for 2020, the pandemic hit and changed all of that for the next two years. So, the recent trip Shawana and I took to Cincinnati was simple yet so exciting. Our trip was a very quick one, but it was special in so many ways. It was Shawana’s first time away from her newborn son, it was our first time travelling as sisters since about 2012, and it was our first time testing the travel waters since the pandemic. For 36 hours we cut loose, sang our hearts out, laughed, ate great food and slept in until checkout.

It all started when she sent me an advertisement for a concert to see some of our favorite childhood boy bands, New Edition and Jodeci. When I saw it, I knew I was going but getting her there was a chore. You know being a new mom is nothing short of demanding, and once you add our husbands who have unpredictable schedules, trying to figure this trip out was nail biting up to the last minute. Once we knew she was good to go, the excitement hit a new level.

As we started out, we barely made it 10 minutes outside of Fort Wayne before we pulled over at a truck stop to grab a Cinnabon. Now, that may seem like no big deal to some, but we live in a smaller town that doesn't have a lot of commercial businesses which were more easily accessible to us when we lived in Chicago. Our trip to Cincinnati was only a three-hour drive, and it wasn't long before we arrived and had to prepare ourselves for the concert that evening.

For our accommodations, we chose a boutique hotel called Hotel Covington. It's located in Covington, Kentucky, which is just over the bridge from Cincinnati. It was only six minutes away from the concert venue; and close to many restaurants and other downtown Cincinnati attractions. We like boutique hotels because they tend to be smaller and have more personal touches. This hotel had a great vibe from the moment we walked in. In fact, this was my second time staying here within a month.

A few weeks prior, I traveled with my daughters who attended their own concert, and I enjoyed this hotel so much I didn't hesitate to book a stay again. The rooms are modern and sophisticated. The staff is kind and attentive, and the food in the attached Coppin’s restaurant is delicious. If you want to dine at Coppin’s, be sure you make a reservation because they consistently stay busy, and I'm not surprised. I enjoyed Hotel Covington, my family did as well, and so did Shawana when she went. The consensus is we would all stay again without any hesitation.

Before the concert, we dined on some Cajun style food at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, and then it was time to get ready for our big evening. We took a Lyft to make transportation easy, but easy it wasn't. Traffic was horrible, and the Heritage Bank center seemed ill prepared for the amount of people that showed up. Their staff was difficult and rude, but fortunately, this was the only downside to our getaway. We would definitely reconsider attending an event at this venue again, but once New Edition hit the stage, it helped turn some of the disappointment around. The music made us nostalgic, and their performances were great. We sang songs we remember singing as girls in elementary and middle school. If this tour has yet to come to your city, we highly suggest getting tickets.

Once the concert was finished, we decided to walk a few blocks over before booking our ride home because it was just as chaotic getting out as it was getting in. When we got back to the hotel, we only chatted a little bit before saying goodnight and heading to our rooms. Check out wasn't until noon, so the ability to sleep in on plush bedding without babies crying or kids knocking on a door was wonderful.

As we said goodbye the next day, we talked about how we couldn't wait to do it again. The travel bug has bitten, and I wonder where it will take us next. In the meantime, I'm preparing for another concert/mini bae-cation in April with my hubby; and a quick family getaway shortly after to the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point.

Although we're doing a little at a time, it sure feels good to be making our way back to a little bit of normalcy. The question now is where we should go next, and what travel plans do you have for 2022?


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