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My Favorite Budget Friendly Tees Under $12

Over 40 woman styling ribbed tee and flare leg jeans

While I like shopping on a budget and prefer purchasing things that will last me season after season, there are some items I tend to repurchase each year. T-shirts and tanks. These shirts are so inexpensive they can usually fit into my budget with no problem. They are a great basic item that every wardrobe should have, and they come in different colors and styles so you can have some variety. Another great thing is many of the styles come back year after year, so if you're like me, you grab some when they go on clearance at the end of the season and stash them away until the next. I saw a few styles that interested me for this upcoming spring and summer, and since they were under $12, they were a great deal for my budget. A couple of them were new styles for me while others were not, but I found a few that I am going to enjoy wearing.

Over 40 woman styling boxy tee and mom jeans

Let's start with the boxy tee. I shied away from this style at first. Now, let me start by saying this, anything that describes itself as “boxy” doesn't sound flattering at all. Even when I would see it on others, I wasn't sure how to make it work for myself. But after a little thought, and a few tries, I think I found the way I like to style this top and what works on me. The key to making this top flattering is making sure the bottoms I'm wearing are fitted through the hips and waist. I have paired it with some mom jeans, cargo pants, and joggers, and all have worked well. Since this top is a bit cropped, I also went up a size to have a more comfortable fit.

The ribbed tee I found is all about the fit. Since it is fitted on the body this top will work with anything. I really like pairing it with wide leg pants, or some nice flowy palazzo pants. My favorite combination was this top with my flare jeans. Talk about serious 70s vibes. Whatever you choose to style it with, it's a great basic top to have around and it comes in multiple colors.

Over 40 woman styling and extended shoulder tee and straight leg jeans

The extended shoulder tee was new to me, but I decided to give it a try and it was one of my favorite fits. The loose fit around the arm holes was the selling point for me. Why? Because I sweat. Now, don't get me wrong, I like a fitted tee like the ribbed one I purchased, but those don't work so well for me when the temps are up there. Tanks are my usual go to top during the summer, but this extended tee allows me to have some sleeves and still feel comfortable in hot weather.

Building your spring and summer wardrobe can be inexpensive and easy. These reasonable prices allow you to add some trendy and basic pieces to your closet in a budget friendly way. Start looking around to see what catches your eye and start building from there. Which T-shirt is your favorite, and which would you add to your closet?


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