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Budget-Friendly Midi Shorts For Tall Women

It's shorts season, and it's a season I usually have to prepare myself for. Why? Well, one reason is I've had to adjust to wearing them because they weren't a big part of my wardrobe until recent years. My summer wardrobe typically consisted of dresses and T-shirts with capris. If I wore shorts, they were bermudas, but that wasn't too often. If I had to sum up what my issues with shorts are in one word, it would be “insecurity”.

Woman styling dark denim midi shorts

I am very insecure about my legs. Yes, I'm tall, and yes I'm slender, but once you add cellulite to the mix, a girl can be a bit self-conscious. Well, when I realized that no matter how much I workout or how well I eat, cellulite was going to be a part of my story, it helped me approach wearing shorts a little differently. As a tall woman with cellulite, finding a nice midi short I can feel comfortable in is important. A good mid length for me is about 5 inches. They also cannot be tight around the hem because that will cause my cellulite to be more prominent, and I don't want that. I found three options that are cute and budget friendly, and make me feel more comfortable having my 40 something long legs out.

Over 40 tall woman with cellulite styling mid length shorts.

This simple pair of high-rise denim shorts from JCPenney are a good place to start. The high rise is comfortable on my stomach, and the little fringe detail on the bottom is cute and doesn't fit around my thighs too tight. They are a nice simple pair, but they can be styled in a way to keep you looking trendy. A simple graphic tee and sneakers will work, or a nice tank and sandals will do the trick. JCPenney is always having a sale, so make sure you check for a coupon code to get extra savings on top of their already good prices.

Over forty tall woman styling midi shorts.

Cuffed shorts are really cute to me, but definitely ones I stayed away from because finding the right fit could be a challenge. If the cuff is too tight, then it will make my cellulite even more obvious than it is. These denim shorts I found at Kohl's give me the look and fit I like. It has a nice amount of stretch which is comfortable, and the cuff lays on my thighs without squeezing them too much. Kohls is another store that has good prices, good quality, and I can usually find a coupon to use in addition to their sale prices.

This final pair of shorts are from last season, but I loved them so much because of all the boxes they checked off. Mid length. Check. Loose fit around the thigh. Double check. Stylish. Check. These shorts were a favorite of mine because of the cut-off look they give. I'm at a stage where I can't wear cut-off shorts without being self-conscious, but these give off that cool look without making me second guess my decision when I'm out in them. I found these at Old Navy, and between their selection and prices, you can't go wrong finding some good shorts for summer, and for any size and height.

While I still like a nice pair of bermuda shorts, and feel more comfortable in them, I am glad I have found some mid length options that have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone a bit. With so many lengths to choose from, you’re sure to find some that fit great and leave you feeling like your most confident self. What item of clothing have you stayed away from because you don’t think you can wear it?


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