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Let's Get Date Night Ready For Valentine's Day Without Spending A Dime

Budget friendly Valentine's Day outfit.

This is the time of year where the weather isn’t the only thing changing. The transition from one holiday to the next can leave your head spinning. Thanksgiving turns to Christmas in a matter of a few weeks, and as soon as Christmas is over we’re flooded with everything Valentine’s Day. The pressure to purchase things we don’t need is great, but over time I’ve learned how to still participate in some things, but with less pressure on my wallet. I wanted to share with you a few ways I was able to get ready for my Valentine’s Day date night without spending a dime. These super simple ideas will have you ready to go in no time flat.

I don’t have time to spend doing a lot of dressing up during the month of Valentine’s Day. An occasional shirt or sweater with a heart on it is cute, but I don’t put that kind of effort into this holiday other than date night. Since my husband travels for his job, we have had to celebrate the holiday whenever we could because of his unpredictable schedule. We have also raised children on a single income, and I want to look nice for my date, but I don’t want to feel the need to purchase something new every time. Well, how did I accomplish such a task? To be honest, my problem was solved a month ago.

Remember I said I do put a little effort into some holidays with Christmas being one of them. As I was trying several different sweaters a few weeks ago, at that time it hit me a few of the outfits would be great for Valentine’s Day too. Of course, the red sweaters jumped out at me but honestly any of those items could pull double duty. The red cutout sweater from JC Penney was my top option, but the lovely gray sweater from H&M paired with my coated jeans was also date night worthy. In a matter of minutes my look was complete, and the only decision I had to make was to stick with the theme and wear Valentine’s Day colors or not.

Non traditional Valentine's Day outfit.

I don't mind a theme, and I can definitely get into wearing certain colors that are associated with specific holidays and seasons. I'll do burnt orange or rust for Thanksgiving, and of course red or green for Christmas. I will wear red or pinks for the Valentine’s holiday, but I don't keep red in my closet much (except for the Christmas season) because I don't think it's one of my best colors. However, I do like pink and pink is in my closet. My next outfit option was solved when I grabbed my wine-colored coated denim and added my simple pink sweater from last year. A nude heel along with my animal print purse, and I’m ready so quickly I impressed myself. All items were already in my closet and something I've had for at least a year except for the pants I grabbed two months ago.

Little black dress for Valentine's Day.
A must have little black dress

My final option was a dress. I do enjoy a nice dress, but the cold Midwest weather tends to deter me from wearing one in the winter. If the cold is not a problem for you, then you must grab your little black dress and if you don't have one then start looking. Why? Because it's the rule silly. Every girl should have a little black dress to reach for. They are timeless, ageless, and versatile. Karl Lagerfeld said it best when he said, “One is never overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress.” My little black dress has been around for a couple of years now, and has been worn on a few occasions like my anniversary or a birthday party I was attending. I can keep it simple or make a bold statement. For Valentine's Day I chose a classic black heel and that same leopard bag to add a little pop.

So, there you have it. No need to stress or take forever getting ready for your night out. With just a little thought before the night of love arrives, you can find multiple ways to look good for your date without spending a dime. You'll be proud of yourself and I'm sure your hubby will too. Besides, with the money you save there should be a little extra left for a nicer gift, but don't tell him I said that. What's your favorite piece in your closet to wear for date night?


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