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Holiday Coffee Bar

You know I'm (Shawana) a big coffee lover, so doing a Christmas coffee bar was a no brainer for me. I enjoy decorating for the season, and this little corner in my kitchen is a festive and inviting space for me during my routine in the morning. The best part is it was easy and inexpensive to put together, and I look forward to using it myself and while entertaining friends and family.

I enjoy everything about coffee! The smell and the flavor, and packaged or grinding up the beans myself. I keep a coffee bar all year long and it's so easy to change with the seasons. In the fall think pumpkin, and in the winter try peppermint, white chocolate or whatever your heart’s desire. My husband and I enjoy different flavors of coffee, so I can set it up to accommodate both of our tastes with no problem.

Mason jar that holds decorative beads and coffee stirrers.
Mason jar used to hold decorative beads and stirrers.

Maybe coffee isn't your thing and who says it must be coffee only? You could have a hot cocoa bar or even tea. By making simple swaps like changing the creamers out for marshmallows or cinnamon sticks for tea, you’ll have exactly what you need to suit your taste. If your space is large enough you may even be able you have a little more variety at one time. Sometimes I will include a little hot cocoa or tea packets on the bar along with my coffee when I know I'm having guests so they can choose their favorite.

A jar, coffee creamers and gold beads for decoration
Repurposed jar used to store coffee creamers.

One of the nicest parts of this is how inexpensive it can be. I found the tray at Menards last year for 90% off and the beads, faux snow, and decorative Christmas trees at the Dollar Tree for a buck. I found them at different times and at different places, but they came together so nicely. Also don't forget to consider repurposing some items. I used glass jars I already had for the creamers and it doesn't get much better than free.

 Decorative white Christmas trees
Decorative Christmas trees found for one dollar.

So, whether you choose to do coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, hopefully it will spark your creativity with your space. It's a way to refresh your area often and change things up, and it may even earn you the title as the hostess with the mostest.


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