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Easy Steps To Build An At-Home Workout Routine

We are at the top of a new year, and with that comes a time of reflection and goal setting. Like many of you, I like to look back on the previous year and what I have done and accomplished; but also what targets I may have missed and need to re-evaluate. My health and fitness are one of those areas I typically assess. I've been consistently working out since 2009, so it's a major part of my daily lifestyle, but I've had to grow a lot over the years.

From the very beginning, I knew I wasn't a gym person. Being a stay-at-home mother with a husband who worked on the road, I knew that trying to sneak away to a gym would be a challenge. Since I was not a big fan of working out, I also had to make things as easy as possible if I was going to stick to a routine. My next challenge was to conquer time. I do not like working out! I repeat: I do not like working out, but it was essential to creating a healthier and better me. Not only did I have three little girls to chase around, but it was something I realized I needed to do most importantly for myself.

The easiest, most convenient, and even most affordable solution for me was to start working out at home. Initially, I started with a book and some dumbbells. In time, I graduated to using a workout on DVD. Yes, I said DVD, and I was still using the same dumbbells. Over time, my home gym has grown in equipment, and with YouTube, working out at home is easier than ever. As you start building a routine at home, the first suggestion I would make is to keep things simple. First, you can start with your own body weight and find things around the house to use as weights. Items like cans of food or jugs of water will give you resistance and won't cost you a dime. When you’re ready to spend a little money, then you can add something like a set of dumbbells. I would highly suggest checking out Facebook or garage sales. So many people purchase exercise equipment with the best of intentions, and for whatever reason, they end up stopping and selling their equipment. Many items in my home gym have come from places like these and have cost me little to no money. My best find was a circuit step for $2.00 at a garage sale. It has gotten plenty of use already, and I still use it to this day.

My favorite at home workout equipment under 20 dollars

If you have some money to spend, I would check out Amazon. They have so many of the same items to choose from that you’re bound to find what you need at a good price. A simple set of dumbbells and set of exercise bands would be good to start with. I would get one light pair and one thicker pair of bands. These items will give you the resistance you need as you start to build muscle and will cost you under $100 to get started. From there, you can build as you like and explore different workout routines.

Now, you know if my exercise equipment doesn't cost me a lot then, my workout gear won't either. I primarily shop clearance racks or good sales for my activewear. I keep it simple and make sure my gear has certain features like moisture wicking in my tops and leggings to keep me dry, or a high-impact sports bras for all the jumping I still do. My activewear doesn't have to have a specific label on it to get the job done. So many stores have their own labels and very high-quality products. My two favorite places to shop for my activewear are Old Navy and JC Penney. I recently found two pairs of workout leggings at Old Navy on the clearance rack. One was $7, and the other was $2! Yes, you heard that right. Two bucks, in the store, and new with tags. Always check the clearance rack first! It's a lesson I learned from my grandmother. I didn't get it as a child, but now I totally get it.

Building your at-home workout space doesn’t have to cost a lot money. It’s achievable in so many ways, and the hardest part may actually be getting started. Once you set your intentions, just take your time to build step by step. Start walking, running, or dancing. Those things cost you nothing but can give you a good place to begin. Next, add some reasonable equipment if you like and search the clearance racks for workout gear to round things out. Build a routine of what you like and see how it evolves. If I can do this, so can you.


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