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Casual Outfit Ideas For a Summer Weekend Away

Over 40 woman styling blazer, tank, and jeans casual outfit

The summer has been nice and chill over here. My youngest got her license, we've been enjoying some quality time together as a family, and I've knocked some things off my summer to-do list. Now, I'm preparing to attend my first family reunion and I'm excited. It's my paternal grandfather's side of the family, who I wasn't familiar with at all. It will be a nice three-day weekend, and I figured I better prepare myself for what I'm going to wear to some of the events. I'm shopping my closet and I pulled together a few casual outfit ideas for you in case you have some similar events happening soon.

Sharing wide leg cargo pants and bodysuit as a summer outfit idea.

When I looked at the agenda, the first event when we arrive will be a meet and greet in the evening. It's a laid back start to everything, so I'm going casual with my wide leg cargo pants and a square neck body suit. The weather may be hot, but these lightweight pants will be just what I need to keep me comfortable. My body suit is sleeveless, but if it's cold I plan to pack a light sweater to get me through the evening. Once I add my simple jewelry and sandals, I think I will have achieved a nice “casually cute” look to start the weekend off.

Simple denim shorts and white bodysuit casual outfit idea.

The next morning/afternoon is not strictly scheduled, but we have activities like visiting the family home, and touring some parts of the city that might be of interest. It's a very casual day so some simple shorts and a white body suit will be all that is needed. If it's extremely hot, I also plan to pack a backup item that can handle the heat like a skort and tank. Remember, these pieces are athletic wear and have the quick dry feature in them to help me handle the heat a little better, but since the day is very chill either of these casual outfit ideas will work.

One shoulder maxi dress makes a nice summer casual outfit

That Saturday evening is when we will all come together again for dinner. There will be a small program filled with some activities, history telling and lots of socializing. I think a simple maxi dress will be good for this event, and this yellow one-shoulder I found on clearance in April will be perfect. A simple nude heel and bag would dress me up a little without overdoing it. I like a nice one-shoulder dress or top because I think they make a nice statement, and the neckline is such a lovely detail.

Simple blazer, wide leg jeans and tank for an easy casual outfit

Finally, our last day will consist of breakfast and a short worship service on Sunday morning. I'm keeping things simple for this event as well. I thought my favorite wide leg jeans, a tank and white blazer would be a good option for the day. I'm wearing the same heels from the night before then I'm on my way to enjoy our final event together. I'll likely do a quick change into some leggings and a top for the trip into NYC for the next leg of our vacation, but this casual look is what I chose to round the weekend out.

Overall, these casual outfit ideas will be easy to pack and pull together for what I hope is a fun and eventful weekend. If you have some similar events coming up, use these ideas for inspiration or make changes to create something totally different, but remember to check your closet first. Have you ever been to a family reunion?


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