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Bright Colors To Add To Your Summer Wardrobe

Over 40 woman styling bight collors for summer. Bright orange shirt and white shorts.

If someone asked me what my preferred color palette is, I would likely quickly respond by saying neutral. However, I don't know if that's the whole truth, because I love color too, and I really like bold and bright colors. In fact, me and bright colors are having a bit of a love affair this summer. Maybe my first response is neutral because it's safe, or maybe I'm loving all the bright colors because it's summertime. Whatever the case, I have found some great color pops that would be a nice addition to spice up your neutral closet, or even challenge you to try something different.

Over 40 woman styling bright color combination . Bright orange tank and hot pink cargo shorts.

Usually, I play it safe and just go for a small pop of color, but when I saw these colors together online, I had to find an outfit I could create using this color combination. Can I be even more transparent and say that I'm not usually good with combining more than two colors together. Those ladies who can take two colors and add a third layer that make an outfit stand out are amazing, but that's not me. I keep it simple, and because both of these colors are so vibrant, it looks like I’ve done something amazing too. These simple cargo shorts and tank were a good place to start when stepping out of my color comfort zone. My advice when trying some new colors would be to do what I did and look online, and at advertisements to inspire you. Once you see some colors that have been put together, work on creating an outfit you would wear with those colors.

Over 30 woman styling yellow satin cami and denim shorts.

Listen y'all, I love yellow, but you wouldn't have known that as a kid. My mother brought me the cutest yellow jumpsuit that I wore for picture day. I felt good, and I knew I looked good too, but someone made a comment comparing me to either Big Bird or a banana (I can't quite remember) and it changed my opinion of the color for years. Once I became more comfortable with what I like, I never looked back. I'm always drawn to yellow, especially in the summer, and this pretty satin cami was no different. This is going to be so cute with some jeans or joggers, and it'll fit nicely as a layering piece under a blazer or jacket as the weather cools down.

Over 50 styling hot pink oversized tee and white shorts.

I'm loving my bright colors this season, but me and hot pink are really tight right now. I have already purchased a hot pink tee, hot pink leggings, and even some hot pink shoes this summer. I'm trying to hold back from buying more, but I think this is my favorite color I've added to my summer wardrobe. It's fun, it's feminine, and I’m all in.

My affinity for bright colors shows no sign of slowing down this summer, but that's okay. I'm embracing my love of color this season and who knows, maybe we'll see about adding some color to that neutral wardrobe in the fall as well. What's your favorite color combination for your personal summer wardrobe?


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