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American Eagle Fall Fashion Finds

Sharing A nice jogging suit option for fall

My American Eagle rewards rolled in just in time for me to grab some items for fall. I took advantage of a card bonus offered during the month of July. It gave me a nice percentage back based on using my card for groceries, gas, and dining. No problem. Since I already budget these items out, I just used the card, paid the bill with my already budgeted funds, and waited for the rewards to roll in. How about an extra round of applause because my NYC trip was that same month too, so more chances to earn more rewards.


My rewards came through this month. I earned around $400 in cash to spend in store at American Eagle/Aerie, so I chose a few things to get started on my fall wardrobe. Cooler weather typically means I want to be cozy and comfy, and when I saw this chill jogging suit, I wanted it. It feels good, the fit is nice, and it speaks to the cozy vibes I'm looking for as the weather cools off.


Sharing dark denim joggers and soft sweatshirt for the cooler weather

Next, I chose these jeggings because I realized I have a lot of light denim in my closet, and I could use a non-distressed pair of dark denim. I also like the style of these which are different from other jeans in my closet. These were only 30 bucks before my extra discount, and when I tried them on, I could tell they were going to be a favorite this season. I added this Fun Day sweatshirt from their collection, and I kind of want another one because this one feels so good, but I'll wait.


Sharing a simple hooded cape for the fall season

I saw this hooded cape online and was drawn to it. It's not something I've been worn before, but I wanted to see what I could do with it, and if it would look as good in person as it does online. I like the neutral color, and I think it's a good transitional piece for fall. A simple and light long sleeve shirt will do the trick on cooler days, and I can also see a simple T-shirt on those comfortable in between days the Midwest is known for.


Sharing thes nice straight leg cargo jeans and henley hoodie for fall.

Lastly, I picked out a straight leg jean because again they looked so good online. Now, there are two features here that I don't normally go for, the straight leg and wearing white after Labor Day. Straight leg jeans and I just have a difficult relationship sometimes because they have to fit just right. So far, I have found one other pair that I really like, and I think these will be a winner too. There's a nice tan detail on them which goes so well with the textured henley hoodie I grabbed for a casual look, but I think I would also like a more fitted top (maybe a bodysuit) for these jeans.


All in all, I think I found some good pieces for starting the fall off right, and each piece will get me through the winter as well. I still have rewards left, so you know I'll be keeping my eyes open for a good coupon stack. There's currently a LTK sale going on right now until the end of the weekend for an extra percentage off, and an easy way to find some trendy fall fashion this season. It's a great time to take advantage of some really good prices, and if you have some rewards make sure you use those too. What's your favorite new piece that you've added to your closet for fall?




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