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Why We Love Sherpa

Well you would have to be hiding under a rock not to see the popular trend of Sherpa everywhere. Now we have to admit when it first arrived on the scene we gave it the side eye. Yeah that's right, we weren't initially fans because of the look. The texture was too animal like and we couldn't quite wrap our brain around it. Fast forward two years and dabbling with it a bit, we now have multiple styles, prints and textures and needless to say we love it. You can find Sherpa in almost anything like sweatshirts of course, but it comes in a variety of styles like hoodies and robes and now they are lining joggers with the cozy fabric. It's warm and comfortable, so being able to layer with it is a nice feature. Needless to say, it's our family's favorite trend and if you would like to see how we style some of our Sherpa looks you can check out our Instagram page. Comment below on some of your favorite Sherpa styles.


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