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My Favorite Sneakers To Keep Me Comfortable And Cute All Season Long

We're so close to sandal season I can feel it. Here in Indiana, we experienced temperatures in the 80s over the weekend, and I pulled out a pair of sandals to wear myself. It was so nice feeling the warmth on my toes. However, reality set back in on Monday, so closed toe shoes it is. While I love a cute pair of sandals, I have found myself reaching more for my sneakers. There is a level of comfort I feel when I wear them. Now, I don't know if that has anything to do with getting a little older or not, but they definitely tend to be my go-to shoes these days. I've rounded up a few pairs of my favorites that will be in my rotation all spring and summer long. There were different price points, but nothing was over $40 (including a pair of Nikes), and you know me, all of them were on sale. Once I added some reward money, it helped make these finds an even better deal.

I've wanted a pair of high tops for a while, and I had my eyes on the Converse brand for some time. I was just a bit uncertain about the price tag and whether they would work for me and my particular style, even though I think they are so cute. It's not that they're super expensive (they average about 60), but I just wanted to be sure they were for me. When I saw this pair at American Eagle, I didn’t hesitate to grab them, so I could see what I thought without spending a whole lot of money. They were a great color, similar to the style I was looking for, and an even better price. I am an American Eagle rewards member, so I had about $20 in reward money to use. They were only $40, and my rewards cut the price in half. I have to say, I like the style and fit on me, so the next time I'm in the market for high tops, I will absolutely try the Converse without hesitation. I love styling these with joggers or jeans, and I recently put them with a denim skirt, and I was pleased with how that looked turned out.

Neon colors are trending right now, and what better way to add this fun trend to your personal style than with some sneakers. When I saw these Pumas at DSW, I immediately saved them to my favorites list and waited for a coupon. Once the coupon became available and I added my rewards on top, I paid $30 for these $60 shoes. They have just the right touches of color without being too over the top. This keeps me from buying what I call an “outfit only shoe”, which means you must have a specific outfit for shoes to go with. That can be cool, but I like to get the most out of my shoes and my money. The style of this shoe makes them very versatile and fun, and I'll be able to wear them all season long.

I think I do a decent job of finding things at a good price in general, but there are times when I do impress even myself. I love animal print! And animal print on a shoe is such a statement maker to me. When I saw these sneakers at Walmart in December, I couldn't pass them up. They were $8! Even though I couldn't wear them at the time, I figured I would tuck them away until spring, and I'm so glad I did. These are light, comfortable, and stylish. The last time I checked, the sizes were limited, but a good tip to remember is don't be afraid to shop out of season. I find some of my best deals that way, and most every time they pay off.

Finally, a basic white sneaker is a staple for me. I love a crisp white sneaker in the summer. When I saw these Nike Court Vision sneakers at DSW, I was intrigued by three things. 1. They look so much like Air Force 1’s but at half the price. 2. I am a DSW reward member, so I can add these to help bring my cost down, and 3. Even though you can't use coupons on Nike at DSW, they were having a 30% off sale (which they rarely do), so I had to act. By applying the same process as before, I was able to get these sneakers down to about $30, and now, I have my classic summer staple that will pair easily with just about anything.

As you can see, I don't need another pair of sneakers this season, but I have some options. The different styles allow me to pair them with many outfits because sneakers go with everything. I'm loving them most with dresses nowadays. All of these were purchased out of season, and by using coupons and rewards, I got all four for under $100. Considering two of them were originally priced at sixty and seventy dollars, I think that's a win. Now, tell me, which of these is your favorite style of sneaker, and what's your must-have shoe for the season?


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