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How I'm Styling My Jegging Joggers For Spring And Summer

Sometimes in the Midwest, it feels like there are only two temperatures: hot and cold. The weather fluctuates on us so quickly it can leave you confused with what to wear. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, we had a 70-degree day and boy, did it feel good, but within 48 hours, it was back to 30 degrees. Instead of complaining, I'll take that as a good sign that beautiful warm weather is on the way, and it won't be long before it’s T-shirt and tank top season. In the meantime, I like to have pieces that are easy to go from cooler temps to summer weather without too much fuss.

I recently found some jegging joggers that I'm loving. The first thing I appreciate about them is how they fit my body. I like my joggers to have a tighter fit, and these give me that look, and they are flattering. They have a nice high rise to them, which is comfortable for me on my stomach, and because they have an elastic waist, this makes them feel more like joggers than pants. I also love the fact American Eagle pants and jeans come in lengths. Being a tall girl, I appreciate having a choice of how long or short I want my pants to be. I went with a long in these, but I could also have been fine with a regular length. Sometimes, I find that joggers don't always grab so tightly around the bottoms with the cuff, and I may have to add an extra roll to give me the look I want. That wasn't necessary with these joggers, and it was a feature that stood out to me.

Finally, the material is what makes these so easy to transition from season to season. They're not too heavy or too light, so a fleece or sweatshirt is perfect for the current cool temperatures. In a few short weeks, I'll simply switch things up to a T-shirt, and if I need to, I can throw on a hoodie or light jacket based on the time of day. As summer settles in, a tank top and pair of sandals will be my best friend when I wear these joggers. Changing the tops is simple enough to do, but these will work well styled with different types of shoes also.

over 40 woman styling jegging joggers with off the shoulder top and espadrille sandals for spring.
Joggers with a blouse and espadrille.

With the current cooler weather, a cute pair of combat boots will give you a nice edgy look, or if you’re like me, I’m definitely becoming more of a sneaker girl. Wear them with a simple athletic shoe or take it up a notch and pair them with some cute high tops. You can also dress these up with a nice heel and blouse for a night out with your girlfriends. Of course, for the summer, you’ll have no problem rocking these with sandals no matter if it is a flat sandal or a pretty espadrille. With so many different options, you’ll have no problem changing your look up at any time. The hardest decision might be whether one pair is enough. I have to say I loved them so much, I grabbed another color. Don't judge me.


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