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Winter Clearance Haul

One of my favorite times of the year is happening right now: Clearance season! I'm a huge clearance shopper, and I've been doing it for a long time. As a kid, I remember my grandmother taking my sister and I shopping for Easter dresses. She would always tell us to go to a specific rack and check there first. At the time, I didn't get it, but as I matured, I realized that rack she told us to check was the clearance rack. Learning to shop that way has helped me so much over the years.

As a stay-at-home mom with three daughters, I had to learn how to run a household on a single income-and still make sure my daughters had access to items that helped them look and feel good. Now I know clothes don't make a person, but some of us know what it's like growing up and seeing certain things and styles we want but maybe can't have because of the lack of money. Shopping the clearance section helped me provide some of those things for my family without breaking the bank.

The end of season clearance typically starts in January, but I like to wait until February because the prices drop lower and lower. Sure, there are things I want in that moment, and the more time that passes, I run the risk of not having that specific item, but I've learned to dial back my need for instant gratification for the bigger picture. You can find clothes, home items, and seasonal items (like decorations) at a fraction of the original price.

Recently, I shopped the clearance sale at Express which is the primary way I shop this store. They have some nice trendy pieces that mimic high fashion, and shopping these sales allow me to grab items that I don't want to pay higher prices for. I found some things that will be great for this current weather, because winter isn't over yet, and for spring and summer. Being the kind of shopper I am, I will gladly tuck things away in a bin and bring them out brand spanking new in the fall.

The first item that caught my eye was a pair wide leg pants. Wide leg pants are trending hard right now. I wanted to try some, but I did not want to spend a lot of money. Express had several options available. They also came in lengths which I love because as a tall woman, I don't always like for my pants to hit at my ankles especially if they're not skinny jeans. These high waisted jeans I found were down from $88 to $20. I'm a big fan of how nicely their jeans fit in general, and these were no exception. I will be able to wear these with sneakers for an easy casual look, or a cute heel (which I also found on clearance) will give me a nice, more elevated look.

Just like their jeans, Express has some of the most stunning tops. Some of these shirts make such a statement and can leave you feeling like you're on a runway. I grabbed 2 one-shoulder tops which will get good use during the spring and summer. One top was ten dollars and the other eight. I can't wait to wear these on a date night.

Last but not least, I also found shoes for now and later. These pretty sock boots will be so good with a skirt or nice skinny jean right now, or even when the temperatures start to take a dive once again in the fall. The same goes for the thin-heeled pumps I found, and at $20, I couldn't pass them up. While summer still seems so far away when it comes to the fickle Midwest weather, when I saw strappy heeled sandals for $15, I didn't hesitate to purchase and set them to the side for a few months.

All in all, I found some really good pieces at great prices and this is one of the ways I add trendy items to my wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Patience is key, but you'll be surprised at how much you can save and still look like a million bucks on a budget.


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