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Black Is Beautiful

I like to rock a good graphic tee or statement shirt. Not only do I enjoy wearing graphic tees that represent my culture and speak to who I am as an individual, but I am so glad my daughters get to do the same. It means something to see them sport these kinds of looks in their youth, considering I don’t remember these styles being available when I was growing up.

Recently, I found some of the cutest tees and sweatshirts at Kohls. Not only were they reasonably priced (one sweatshirt was only $11) but they were also created by black designers. Being able to support black creators is important to me, and seeing a major department store also get behind these creators is a big deal. The full line included other items like books and home décor. The tees have beautifully designed artwork as well as empowering statements like, “Brave. Bold. Black & Beautiful.” Of course, these are fabulous to wear now during Black History Month, but I absolutely plan on wearing mine all year long because as we know, Black History is more than a month.


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