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Summer Clothing I’m Wearing This Fall

Over 40 woman sharing simple ways to wear summer clothes in the fall

I'm a summer baby, and I think for that reason summer is my favorite season, but like most good things it is coming to an end, and quickly. It’s already the middle of September, and I'm wrapping my mind around seeing pumpkin everything and Halloween stuff on the shelves. I feel my eyes rolling already, but if I must then I will try to get myself together.


Getting ready for the fall includes the wardrobe. Some of these mornings are already a bit crisp and require a jacket. While I have added a couple of new pieces to my closet in preparation (see I didn't completely ignore it) I have also been thinking about some pieces from my summer wardrobe that will work well with my fall transition. The great thing about fall is the clothing transition can be as simple as adding a light jacket, a nice blazer, or some cute fall boots to change a look in minutes.


Showing how to transition cargo joggers to fall look with a sweater vest.

You may have heard me say this several times over the summer, the cargo joggers I grabbed at American Eagle were one of my favorite things to wear. They're cute and combining the cargo style with joggers was a great move. Many of you like them too, so why should we have to give them up for fall? We don't. These joggers were so cute with my tank top and sneakers, but why not add a nice little sweater vest that caught my eye to the mix. These simple and neutral colors very easily say fall, and a cute bootie or even a sneaker will make turning my favorite summer clothing item into a fall look no problem.


Over 40 woman sharing how to transition denim joggers for fall.

OK, so I'm a jogger fan. I like them in sweats, I like them in cargos, and I like them in this denim style that's been on repeat for me this past season. These denim joggers were so simple to wear this summer with a tank top or a graphic tee, and they'll make an easy item to style for the cooler temps that are coming. Adding a simple cardigan over my tank top I typically wear with them doesn't get any easier, but a sweatshirt and sneakers will do the trick too.


Over 40 woman transitioning summer cami for fall with a blazer.

Finally, I found this pretty satin cami at JCPenney months ago. I've worn it on a date night, I've styled it with those cargo joggers and even jeans. I really like it, so of course I'm going to wear it a little longer. Popping on a simple blazer with the cami and some jeans gives me an effortless look I love, and anything that keeps things simple is always a win in my book.



The moral of this story is a familiar one that I always tell. Keep it simple. Don't make things harder than they have to be. Take a look at what you already have first, and see how you can add different pieces to change a look or transition to a new season. Already having simple staples like cardigans, jackets, and blazers will make the new transition easy, and shopping your closet to refresh old favorites is also fun. Are you ready for this fall season?




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