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Come See All The Free Stuff I Got Using My Birthday Rewards

Excited about my birthday freebies a popcorn  and drink at the theater

My birthday month is always a special time for me. Yes, I know it's only one day for your actual birthday, but I like to celebrate as much as I can all month long, and when you have birthday rewards like I do, you might just need the whole month. Everyone has some kind of rewards program, and I am a member of multiple ones even though there are programs I take advantage of more than others. I like rewards programs because I am a savvy shopper, and anyway I can save a few extra dollars I will.


Reward programs have allowed me to save money on clothing for myself, and the three daughters I was raising. They also helped me save money on food to enjoy perks like free meals and desserts. Now, the best time for these programs is when my birthday month rolls around. Starting on August 1st, the freebies start to hit my account and I get excited. I thought I'd share a few of the items I received for free or highly discounted this past August. From food to fashion, there may be some programs you're familiar with, but then there may be some you definitely want to consider joining.


Sharing my $15 jogger set I grabbed for the fall from Kohls

A few of my favorite clothing stores to shop are JCPenney, Kohl's and American eagle. I can buy clothing for the whole family, but I prefer these places because they still have brick and mortar stores which allow me to purchase online and return in store as needed. Each of them always sends me some kind of reward, and they allow me to combine coupons and other rewards for even bigger savings. With my Kohls birthday reward, Kohl's cash, and a stackable coupon, I was able to grab a nice matching jogger set. By applying all those rewards, I was able to bring the cost down from $50 to $15. What a deal! This set is going to be so good for the fall.

Sharing the $70 dollar sneakers I got for less than $30

JCPenney gave me a $15 reward and American eagle sent me a reward for 25% off. I used them both to add a few more pieces to my fall wardrobe. I also have to mention my $10 DSW birthday reward I received. I had my eyes on some Adidas, but I wanted to pay way less than 60 bucks. Well, right before my reward expired, they offered a 30% discount on the sneakers. I applied my $10 birthday reward plus $10 in store rewards, and was able to snag these sneakers for less than $30. You know I was too happy!


Sharing my free birthday pastry from Panera

Now, I enjoy my fashion deals I get when I redeem my birthday rewards. It requires a little bit of finesse trying to locate the deal and maximize my savings. It's a bit of fun for me, but the food rewards are probably my favorite. Why? Because most of the time these are all free, and I like free. I went to the movies (I used rewards on my tickets) and got a free large popcorn and drink. I also got a free hamburger meal at Red Robin, a free pastry at Panera, and free ice cream at the coolest ice cream shop Shawn Michelle's in Chicago. There are others but now you see why I spread things out across the month.


Overall, my birthday month was fun and filled with laughter, love and plenty of good food too. Now, I'll let things settle a bit and get back on track. I still have some freebies (like pizza and dessert) that do not expire until later this month, and I'll be sure to use those too. Make sure you take advantage of your free stuff for your birthday if you don't already. If you do, tell me your favorite free item you get during your birthday month.


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